Welcome to Sit-or-Start Fantasy!

What is SoS?

Sit-or-Start is a ever evolving phone application that is designed to helps fantasy sports players gain an edge in their league. We accomplish this by giving the statistical and analytical information needed to make the sometimes tough decision of who to sit, or who to start.

Designed to be simple and effective by sports lovers for sports lovers, give Sit-or-Start fantasy the chance to make a different in your fantasy league, and be the one place you turn to for not just fantasy information, but scores, news, and more.

What do we mean by ever evolving?

2011 is our launch year. Sit-or-Start is the brain child of 2 simple guys who full time jobs. We know there is always room for improvement, and we know our users will continuously want more out of the App. We want, and will take all the feedback and ideas from our users and season over season, sport over sport, incorporate more and more elements and functionality. We aren't designing this app for just us...it is for all sports lovers and lovers of fantasy sports.

See what it can do...

Check out the "SoS Compare" section of this site for examples of our key player compare functionality, as well as the YouTube video below which gives an overview of our app.